FAQ 3.0

Where are you located?

We operate from the upstairs taproom at Eighty-Eight Brewing Company, #1070 – 2600 Portland St SE, Calgary, Alberta T2G 4M6.

What are your hours?

We are now operating as curbside pick-up only. Pick-up hours are Thursday to Sunday between 3:30pm & 8:30pm.

How do I place an order?

Visit our website and click on “Reserve My Pie”. Curbside Pie Reservation Forms go live every Wednesday at 12pm. Once you reserve a pie online we will call you on your pick-up date between 11am & 2:30pm to process payment and provide a pick-up time!

What do you mean by reserving a pie?

Our Curbside Pie Reservation Form guarantees your order as long as payment is processed by 2:30pm on your pick-up date. We are essentially holding the dough for you.

Can I order Eighty Eights beer along with my pizza?

Absolutely! Follow this link to review available beer options. When we call to process your reserved pie order we will ask if you would like to add beer.

Can I call Eighty Eight directly to order pizza?

No! All ordering has to be done via the Curbside Pie Reservation Forms on our website.

What if there is an issue with my order?

Please send a text to 403-536-4075 – do not call us. We will call you back as soon possible to assist you.

What if I want to cancel my pre-paid order?

Please provide us with as much notice as possible by sending a text to 403-536-4075. We will call you back as soon possible to process a refund. No refunds will be given on cancellations made less than 30 mins before quoted pick-up time.

How big is the pizza?

All of our pies are 18”, cut into 8 slices and serve approximately 3-4 people.

Why do you only make a limited number of pies each night?

We are a very small operation with only one person making all the dough. Two of us prep for and run pizza service with the help of a runner. There is only so much we can do in a night. We are all about quality, not quantity.

Can I order a half-and-half?

We are happy to offer a half-and-half option with The RONI and Sweet Cheesus.

Can you make gluten-free and/or vegan pies?

We currently don’t have the capacity to offer gluten-free dough in addition to our regular dough.
We also don’t have any vegan pies at the moment, but we do plan to offer at least one vegan option in the near future when we expand our service hours.

How is your dough made?

Our dough is made from simple ingredients (flour, water, yeast, salt and olive oil) which are mixed and left to ferment slowly over 2-3 days. This creates a delicious crust that is crisp, airy and easy to digest.