Photo: Mike with pizza legend Dom DeMarco of Di Fara Pizza in Brooklyn, NY.

Noble Pie is the product of practice, patience, and obsessive experimentation. Inspired by the history and pride of the NYC pie, Mike Lange (a.k.a. Pizza Mike) has reimagined New York Style pizza, bringing you quality 18 inch pies.

As a one-man operation, Mike makes every pizza from start to finish. His dough is long fermented, hand stretched, and cooked in a hot deck oven to produce a crisp and flavourful crust. He uses San Marzano tomatoes, crushed by hand and lightly seasoned to create a balanced and fresh tasting sauce. All other ingredients, from the cheeses to the varied seasonal toppings, are carefully sourced to ensure a high quality, great tasting slice.

It is through Noble Pie that Mike is dedicated to sharing his love and passion for pizza with the fine folks of Calgary.